Online Course

  • Is fear stopping you from living the life you desire?

  • Is it time to breakthrough your self-imposed limitations and take control of your life?

  • To move forward you need to realise that there will be three phases to work through: letting go, transition and beginning anew. Transition is the hardest because often, when in transition, you find yourself in what William Bridges calls, “the confusing nowhere of inbetweenness.” It’s that place between letting go of the old, and the uncertainty of what is yet to come.

Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence: Guide to Starting Your Own Business

Many dream of starting a business, but let fear of failure stop them turning their ideas into a business… preferring to stay in jobs they don’t enjoy rather than following their dreams and passions – feeling trapped in worsening situations.

Contrary to belief, life is filled with endless opportunity but too often we get caught up in our internal dramas. As a result, we walk around blinkered by fear and fail to see what is available and open to us.

If you’re ready to take control of your life and start living the life you desire this course will help you to put fear into perspective.  You will understand the role that it plays in keeping you safe but realise that keeping yourself safe will prevent you from succeeding.

This course will guide to you to remove the fear of starting a business.  Discover how to use the fear to drive you forward. Learn to listen to your fears and address them so that you can move forward with clarity of mind and a calmness to deal with whatever life throws at you…